45ft super lightweight diesel-electric reefer

At the Transport Logistic exhibition that will be held in Munich this June, you will have the opportunity to see container lessor UNIT45’s latest innovation, the 45ft super lightweight diesel-electric reefer.

This diesel-electric reefer container built from aluminium, shows around 1200 kg less in weight compared to the standard diesel-electric reefer. Less tare weight means a direct increase in maximum payload giving multimodal operators a huge advantage.

This container is suitable for rail as well as road transport, ro-ro vessels and inland waterway barges.

On road this container combined with a lightweight chassis gives operators more flexibility, due to fact that it is not heavier than a trailer, using its total weight to the utmost. Using this lightweight reefer container in combination with rail, the maximum weight combined transport of 44.000 kg, giving multimodal operators the advantage to load 4000 kg more compared to road transport.

The reefer is primarily intended for use in multimodal operations where rail is featured. The diesel-electric power unit used by UNIT45 incorporates a 250-liter diesel tank. This is more than sufficient for long haul rail operations such as Rotterdam to Italy, Spain or destinations in Eastern Europe.

To provide its customers with additional revenue generating possibilities, UNIT45 offers also three special versions of its diesel-electric reefer container: a double-stack container, a twin-compartment reefer and a triple compartment version.

Visit UNIT45 at the Transport Logistic exhibition in Munich, June 4-7, 2019, hall B3, stand 418.

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